Monday, April 16, 2012

winding roads to your door

A minimalist is often a man who faces a dilemma of  taking up opportunities and responsibility in the sense that an opportunity is often what comes up with a plethora of responsibilities and being held accountable for something that  is what takes your minimalism away,it's just that as the beatles once sang"a long and winding road through your door.....".

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Genesis part 2 ( how a dream is shaped and flourished in a minimalist's conscience)

Genesis part 2 ( how a dream is shaped and flourished in a minimalist's conscience)

A minimalist may work in an environment of his own intellect and comfort zone but the point is how minimalism accounts for the reality that presents itself in terms of things that don't look so minimalistic to others. 
Dreamers are a race which shares its bloodlines from different parts of the world  and different cultures

A minimalist dreams up a solution for a problem  just to solve it not to specifically strip the situation down to minimalism 
To make my point clear i would love to quote George Boole ,the man who gave us the Boolean logic, the binary number system , his view of the problem of computation was well as far as i could deduce quite minimalistic 

"I am fully assured, that no general method for the solution of questions in the theory of probabilities can be established which does not explicitly recognize, not only the special numerical bases of the science, but also those universal laws of thought which are the basis of all reasoning, and which, whatever they may be as to their essence, are at least mathematical as to their form."-George Boole

the prime questions he asked himself while deducing this as i assume would be:-

1. why use our fingers  to  base for our number system.
2. why everything significant is in a pair and for some reason has an absolute single opposite ,why two why opposite why just  true or false, real or unreal , positive or negative.

you see a minimalist is a very reasonable man.

the conclusion that i draw and deduce is :-
dreams are not subject to minimalism in general the life story of GEORGE BOOLE is a fine example of rich,realistic and yet simple dreams which change the world a salute to a true man of science, a mathematician unlike any other. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

the genesis

this blog has been setup to provide its readers an insight in how unix-philosophy-science-computer programming and minimalism shape an individual and his environment.
the blog updates and posts will be daily and will be divided in chapters each post is a subtopic.

the genesis part-1(minimalism how it strikes a man and changes him forever)
An evening of joy was it for me when it struck me i can be a minimalist and yet  achieve what no wealth ridden man had ever.

 it appears to me a matter of great significance that how a man can be a lad of fortune but yet may live like a minimalist riches don't account for minimalism-nirvana or simplicity or anything else around the lines.

living in a developing nation i don't have more than what i really need but well i have the power to get a good education this to me is my wealth,
my fortune is knowledge,

my simplicity is not accountable to what clothes i wear ,what kind of food i eat ,what kind of house i live in ,
but to what kind of thoughts do i have,
my mind set is my power,my foundation,my truth,my reality.

when people socialize i study them i am not saying i feel outcast or am not able to socialize but well i feel i see more than what my companions may ,it may seem paranoid but well i am entitled to my opinion
i merely follow the path shown to me by sherlock holmes "observe,deduce and gain knowledge and never let your opinion be bias ",we know his methods let's use them.

IN context to my choice of hardware and software being a minimalist i like a machine which is at par to my needs and is not an overkill
and so goes for my operating system it had to be like me (my personality-my thoughts) well the answer was a thinkpad running gnu/linux.